Frequently Asked Questions

What’s involved in the book sales?

  1. First, there is no minimum number of items you must sell to receive the discount. Just follow the procedure below and enjoy the discount.
  2. Before your event Lucas will provide loaner books, posters and a copy-ready order form for his books and CDs. All you need to do is copy them and send one home with each participating student 3-4 school days before Lucas’ visit, collect them in one place and give them to Lucas when he arrives.
  3. Students who pre-order will get their items that day. Post-orders are usually collected for a week after the performance.  Mail these orders to Lucas and items will be autographed and shipped (at Lucas’ expense) to the school within a week.
  4. Normally, checks are made out to Lucas’ company, BioRhythms Publishing, and he will take care of all the sales tax.

What does our school need to provide?

 Unless air travel is required, Lucas provides for all his A/V needs (PA system, microphone, projector, laptop and screen).  All your school needs to provide is electricity and a table for displaying his books and other merchandise. Lucas may make use of your screen if it’s in the right location.

How long are the programs and how many can Lucas do in a day?

A  full-day visit usually consists of four, 45-50 min. programs.  You may also opt for additional, SHORTER shows (e.g. five 40-min. shows) but it’s usually best to go with the 45-50 minute programs.

What ages does Lucas work with?

Lucas really shines with 1st to 5th grades but he frequently works with pre-K, K and 6th grades.  Middle and high school students are typically less receptive.

How should we divide the groups? What’s the maximum audience size?

Rule #1: Keep groups with Kinder students in groups of no more than 175-200.  Yes, they’re smaller and you can fit more in a given space but their “enthusiasm runneth over” and they become hard to keep focused in larger groups.  

Rule #2: Try not to combine grades more than 2-3 years apart at any given show (e.g. don’t put pre-K in with 5th grade). 

Rule #3: No more than 375 kids per show without discussing this with Lucas.  Your students will get much more out of the experience if they’re in groups of 150-250.

Where should we have the shows?

If your groups can fit in the library that’s usually the best place, even if it’s a little crowded.  If not, then cafeterias, gyms, performance halls, or extra classrooms work fine, too.

Do we need a stage?

Unless the group is over about 250-300 kids, Lucas usually prefers to perform on the same level as the kids (i.e., on the floor rather than up on a stage).  Larger groups may require a stage to assure that everyone can see.   Here’s a seating diagram for more info about how Lucas usually arranges things.

How much room does Lucas need?

Lucas uses a projector so he usually puts the screen against the back wall and the projector goes on the floor about 7-8 feet in front of it.  This puts the first row of students about 9-10 feet from the wall they’re facing.  There are a number of ways to maximize seating space so, if in doubt, send Lucas a photo or diagram of the space and he’ll make a recommendation.

How much does it cost?

Anywhere from about $350-$1500, depending on how many shows you’re scheduling, the month of the year, distance from Austin, whether or not you’re coordinating book sales and other factors.  Click one of the following that best describes your event:  schools within 125 miles of Austinschools further than 125 miles of Austinlibraries and other public events

How long does it take to set up?

It takes at least 30 minutes for both set-up and strike (take-down) time. When sharing a date with another school, plan on an hour for strike so that Lucas has time to autograph any items that were ordered.

Is Lucas right for our group or event?

Elementary school programs, public libraries, nature festivals and family concerts are Lucas’ forte.  If you’re coordinating a festival with lots of activities happening at once, Lucas may not be a good fit.

Do you do birthday parties/private events?

Usually not but feel free to call and discuss your situation.