It’s like a science & nature museum that comes to you! (But better!)

Give your kids a positive introduction to science that leaves them excited, confident and curious. They’ll learn about photosynthesis, monarch butterfly migrations, ocean ecology, native wildlife and much more at Lucas Miller’s multimedia science experiences.

Take a look at the TEKS covered in his show for grades 4-5 and you’ll see that they’re learning at least as much as they would on a field trip to a zoo, museum or nature center–and at a fraction of the cost and work! They’ll miss a lot less class time, too…

And those “reluctant learners?” You’ll be delighted to see them in rapt attention! It’s well-documented that students learn best through creativity and there are few performers that blend learning and the arts as effortlessly and as effectively as the “singing zoologist!”

  • Length: normally 45-50 minutes, but may be adjusted for particular ages
  • Recommended group size: <200 for pre-K to 1st grade, up to 200-300 for grades 2-6
  • Recommended ages: K-5
  • IMPORTANT: There are different programs for the different grades so mixing pre-K or K with 4th and 5th is not recommended
  • No. of shows:  normally 4 shows for a full-day and 2 shows for a half -day but Lucas is committed to making the date work for you and additional (but shortened) shows can be arranged.
  • Location: Libraries, cafetoriums, gyms, and theatres are all wonderful venues
  • Tech needs: Nothing but an electrical outlet! Lucas provides his own mics, PA, projector and screen
  • More details on Lucas’ FAQ page

Program topics:

  • Ocean Jeopardy: Gr. 3-5:  In a quiz show format, students learn about ocean ecosystems, photosynthesis, food chains/webs, adaptations and conservation. Recommended for groups of 150-175
  • Adaptations: Gr. 1-4, elucidates the “special features” that organisms have to survive; features “Slimy,” “The Tail Song,” “The Chimichanga Song,” “Fifi the Ferocious,” and more.
  • Life Cycles: Gr. 1-3, covers monarch butterfly migration, metamorphosis of tadpoles, bluebonnet life cycle, honeybees and more.
  • We Can Bring Them Back: Gr. 3-5, looks at endangered species issues through songs about wetlands, Houston toad, mako sharks, bald eagles, and anacondas.
  • Science STAAR prep Gr 5 (smaller groups required, ~40-75 students is best), students predict results and witness demonstrations on density, mixtures/solutions, photosynthesis and more.  Because of the special equipment involved, this program cannot be combined with Lucas’ other programs (e.g. Ocean Jeopardy for for 3rd and 4th grades and Science STAAR for 5th grade)
  • Looking for a particular science topic? Feel free to contact Lucas with your own ideas!