All the learning of a trip to the zoo at a fraction of the cost (and less time out of class)!!

Learn about photosynthesis, monarch butterflies, ocean ecology, photosynthesis and much more at Lucas Miller’s multimedia science programs! Give this video 60-90 seconds to see how fun life science is with the “singing zoologist!”

Program topics:

Logistics and other details:

  • Length: normally 45-50 minutes, but may be adjusted for particular ages
  • Recommended group size: <200 for pre-K to 1st grade, up to 200-300 for grades 2-6
  • Recommended ages: K-6
  • IMPORTANT: There are different programs for the different grades so mixing pre-K or K with 4th and 5th is discouraged
  • No. of shows:  normally 4 shows for a full-day and 2 shows for a half -day but Lucas is committed to making the date work for you and additional (but shortened) shows can be arranged.
  • Location: Libraries, cafetoriums, gyms, and theatres are all wonderful venues
  • Tech needs: Nothing but an electrical outlet! Lucas provides his own mics, PA, projector and screen
  • More details on Lucas’ FAQ page