Puppets by Folkmanis!

Folkmanis puppets at 10% off!

Most of the puppets in my trunk full of goodies are made by Folkmanis and most of them have been in service for at least fifteen years. They are durable, creative and inspire kids’ imaginations! I love them so much I thought, “I should really become an official purveyor of these guys!”

Right now I carry several models and will be adding to my inventory in the coming year.  Here’s what I have

The amazing transforming monarch! I goes from caterpillar (with the correct colors!), to chrysalis/pupa (looks so much like the real thing it’s stunning!) to a big beautiful monarch butterfly. The big wings are screen printed to look just like the real thing and you can put your hands in pockets to make the wings flap. Truly amazing!


Video coming soon. For now order here: