In this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • annual plant life cycle
  • plant and flower anatomy (roots, stems, leaves, flower)
  • pollen, pollination, and pollinators

Summary & recommended ages

The life cycle and importance of bees are the topics of this episode, featuring Lucas Miller’s rap, “All About the Hive!”

We begin with a summary of their life cycle, featuring a complete metamorphosis, from larva to pupa to adult. Next, you’ll learn the difference between pollen, nectar, and honey and learn that pollination is the first step in making so many of our foods: watermelons, blackberries, strawberries, pumpkin seeds, and many more are made possible by BEES!

And then learn about that delicious honey, which is super-concentrated, PRE-DIGESTED, nectar. Honeybees are just amazing!

After Lucas’ hilarious rap, we wrap up the discussion of INTERDEPENDENCE, the ways that living things, including us, depend on each other and support each other. 

Learning extensions


  • Larva: the youngest stage of an insect’s life cycle. In a butterfly life cycle, it is normally called a caterpillar
  • Pupa: the middle, inactive stage of many insects, when the adult body forms.
  • Pollen: the grains produced by flowers and used for fertilization. 
  • Nectar: a sugary fluid produced by some flowers to attract animals to pick up pollen

More good stuff from the singing zoologist!




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