Bite-Size Science: Let the singing zoologist be your science teacher!

Lucas’ legendary school presentations are now available world-wide in this series of 10-15 minute videos. It’s the “Singing Zoologist show” that everyone always wanted!

  • Each episode features a dynamic, multimedia science lesson and a related song
  • Content exclusively for subscribers!
  • Aligned with education standards (provided)
  • Hilarious animations
  • Dazzling nature footage
  • Activities, quizzes, videos and other review resources!
  • Over three hours of content

To inquire or subscriber, contact Christine Cox.

Here’s the ’21-’22 episode list:

Ep 1: Animals’ Basic Needs (ft. “The Chimichanga Song”)

Ep 2: Habitats and Ecosystems (ft. “How Many Spots Has an Ocelot Got?”)

Ep 3: Eggs and OFFSPRING (ft. “Who’s In That Egg?”)

Ep 4: Metamorphosis (ft. “Metamorphosis [Tadpole Into a Frog]”)

Ep 5: Insects/Monarch Butterfly (ft. “Going Down to Mexico”)

Ep 6: Characteristics of different animal groups (ft. “Baby, You’re an Arthropod”) Coming Jan. 2022

Ep 7a: Bees and Pollination (ft. “All About the Hive”)

Ep 7b: Plant life cycle and Pollination (ft. “Bluebonnet Time”)

Ep 8: Needs of Plants and Importance of Wetlands (ft. “Living in a Wetland”)

Ep 9: Adaptations for Moving (ft. “I’m a Cheetah!”) Updated in Jan. 2022

Ep 10: Adaptations for Eating (ft. “The Right Beak to Reach It”) Updated in Jan. 2022

Ep 11: Photosynthesis and Ocean Food Chain pt 1 (ft. “Plankton Love Song”) Coming March of 2022

Ep 12: Ocean Food Chain pt 2 (ft. “I’m a Mako Shark”)

Ep 13: Interdependence (ft. “Living in Symbiosis”) Coming March of 2022

Ep 14: Non-native and invasive species (ft. “The Anaconda La Bamba”) Coming March of 2022

Ep 15: Taking Care of the Natural Environment (ft. “I Love Earth”) Performed LIVE during Earth Day week (April 19-22 of 2022!)