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E1: Animals' Basic Needs

Science concepts: All animals need food, water, oxygen, and space and they have different features to help them meet those needs.

Featured song: The Chimichanga Song

Recommended grades: all 

E2: Habitats & Ecosystems

Science concepts: Habitats vs. ecosystems, roles of living things in ecosystems, wildlife conservation, effects of humans on ecosystems

Featured song: How Many Spots Has an Ocelot Got?

Recommended grades: 1st-3rd 

E3: Eggs & Offspring

Science concepts: Life cycles, living vs. nonliving things, variation between offspring of same species, how and why eggs are so different

Featured song: Who’s In That Egg?

Recommended grades: 1st-3rd 

E4: Metamorphosis

Science concepts: How offspring grow, advantages of metamorphosis, how climate affects growth, how body parts change to suit differing habitats

Featured song: Metamorphosis (Tadpole Into a Frog)

Recommended grades: all 

E5: Monarchs - On Location!

Science concepts: Witness the amazing life cycle and spectacular migrations of monarch butterflies!

Featured song: Going Down to Mexico (The Monarch Butterfly Song)

Recommended grades: all 

E6: Animal Groups

Science concepts: Characteristics of animals, arthropods, interdependence, changes in scientific knowledge

Featured song: Baby, You’re an Arthropod

Recommended grades: 2nd-5th

Science concepts: insect life cycle, pollen, nectar & honey, pollination, interdependence

Featured song: All About the Hive

Recommended grades: 2nd-5th

E8: Flowers and Seeds

Science concepts: Life cycle of flowering plant, pollination, plant anatomy

Featured song: Bluebonnet Time or Can You See the Connection

Recommended grades: 1st-4th

E9: Wetland Wonders

Science concepts: Needs and importance of plants, types of wetlands, flow of sun’s energy through the food web, services of natural ecosystems

Featured song: Living In a Wetland

Recommended grades: 2nd-5th

E10: Adaptations Pt 1-Beaks!

Science concepts: definition of adaptations and examples of adaptations for moving, attracting mates, eating and more; differences between individuals of a species

Featured song: The Right Beak to Reach It

Recommended grades: 2nd-5th 

E11: Adaptations Pt 2-Cheetahs!

Science concepts: Adaptations for moving, animal anatomy, functions of muscles, lungs, heart, and more

Featured song: I’m a Cheetah!

Recommended grades: All 

E12: Ocean Food Chains Pt 1: Plankton

Science concepts: Photosynthesis, food chains vs. food webs, plants as producers

Featured song: Plankton Love Song

Recommended grades: 3rd-5th

E13: Ocean Food Chains Pt 2: Sharks

Science concepts: Food chain, flow of energy through food web, importance of the sun

Featured song: How Many Spots Has an Ocelot Got?

Recommended grades: 1st-3rd 

E14: Interdependence

Science concepts: interdependence

Featured song: Living in Symbiosis

Recommended grades: 3rd-5th 

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