Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Full-days: four 45-50 min. programs. 
  • Half-days: two 45-50 min. programs
  • With approval, you may be able to opt for additional, SHORTER shows (e.g. five 35-40-min. shows).
  • If you’re planning to have Lucas present to fewer than 450 students, a half-day is a good choice. You can stretch this to a bit more if only grades 3-5 are attending.
  • If more than 475 kids will attend the programs, a full day is highly recommended. 
  • Your kids will get the most from the programs if you follow these recommendations. If cost is the limiting factor, please contact Lucas to see what ideas he has to make it happen. 
  • YES:  Performing arts centers, elementary schools, public libraries, and nature facilities. 
  • MAYBE: Outdoor venues and festival-type events with lots of concurrent activities. Lucas’ Pop-Up Science options may be a better option.
  • SCHOOL: 200  for PreK & K, 375 for grades 1-5
    • NOTE: the ideal school audience is generally 150-200

  1. First, there is no minimum number of items you must sell to receive the discount. Just follow the procedure below and enjoy the discount.
  2. Before your event, you will receive loaner books, posters and a copy-ready order form for Lucas’ books and other merchandise. All you need to do is copy the order form and send one home with each participating student 3-4 school days before Lucas’ visit, collect them in one place and give them to Lucas when he arrives.
  3. Students who pre-order will get their items that day. Post-orders are usually collected for a week after the performance.  Mail these orders to Lucas and items will be autographed and shipped (at Lucas’ expense) to the school within a week.
  4. Normally, checks are made out to Lucas’ company, BioRhythms Publishing LLC, and he will take care of all the sales tax.
  • Keep PreK and K in the smallest group you can! Yes, you can “pack those little bodies in,” but they’re usually the most excitable/wiggly.   
  • When combining grades, keep them within 2-3 grades (e.g. don’t put pre-K in with 5th grade). 
  • Full-day recommendation:
    • K & half of PreK
    • 1st & half of PreK
    • 2nd & 3rd
    • 4th & 5th
  • Half-day recommendation:
    • K & 1
    • 2-5

If your groups can fit in the library that’s usually the best place, even if it’s a little crowded.  If not, then cafeterias, gyms, performance halls, or extra classrooms work fine, too.

Unless the group is over about 250-300 kids, Lucas usually prefers to perform on the same level as the kids (i.e., on the floor rather than on a stage).  Larger groups may require a stage to assure that everyone can see.

Here’s a seating diagram for more info about how Lucas usually arranges things.

Unless air travel is required, Lucas provides for all his A/V needs (PA system, microphone, projector, laptop and screen).  All you will need to provide is electricity and a display table. Lucas may make use of your screen if it’s in the right location, but if not, he will have a screen of his own.

When air travel is required, we will create a plan to make sure Lucas has what he needs. He can bring some things with him, use site equipment, and/or rent items. 

It takes at least 45 minutes for both set-up and strike (take-down) time.

Lucas really shines with 1st to 5th grades but he frequently works with pre-K, K and 6th grades.  Middle and high school students are typically less receptive.

This varies widely depending on venue, location, time of year, size of the audience, and many more factors. Please contact Lucas and he’ll be happy to provide a quick and easy quote for your event.

Wherever planes go. And Lucas is open to space travel too. 

If a venue is within 200 miles of Austin, Lucas will probably drive. More than that and air travel may be required. 

In-person events

The singing zoologist blends music, puppets, and projected videos to keep audiences laughing, moving, singing and learning. His high-energy personality and hilarious songs make him a hit with audiences at theaters, nature festivals, schools, libraries, and more!

Check out the FAQs below and then click the button below to inquire about a program at your venue!

Live Streams

Lucas complements his programs with tons of video, so when COVID shut down in-person programs, he was uniquely positioned to present top-notch live streams. When budgets or other factors prevent an in-person performance, a live stream is still a great option!

Science Pop-ups

Imagine a hands-on, traveling science exhibit that comes to you! Lucas can bring microscopes, live insects, craft activities, VR goggles and more. And in case you were wondering, yes, he still performs sing songs throughout the day. Lucas has developed experiences focused on monarch butterflies, birds, and wetlands and he is eager to create more experiences just for your event!

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