Your audience will adore the "singing zoologist!"

Program topics:

Ocean Ecology

Especially for grades 3-5, we cover ocean food chains/webs, photosynthesis, and conservation. Featured songs: “I’m a Mako Shark,” “Living in a Wetland,” “We Can Bring Them Back,” and more. 

Check out all the science TEKS covered in this show!

Life Cycles

Perfect for 1st-3rd grades, students learn about the growth and migration of monarch butterflies, the metamorphosis of frogs, pollination of bluebonnets and the amazing work of honeybees.

Let's Do Lunch

Great for mixed ages, this program focuses on the adaptations that help predators find and catch prey and that allow prey to protect themselves. Featuring “Fifi the Ferocious,” “Anaconda La Bamba,” I’m a Cheetah,” “I’m a Mako Shark,” and more.

Animals Rock!

Pre-K and K audiences will learn a bunch about animals, but Lucas focuses a little more on interaction and fun, and a little less on science content with these younger guys. His hilarious puppet play Fifi the Ferocious teaches about animal defenses and his monarch butterfly song and “How Many Spots Has an Ocelot Got?” also figure prominently.  

Adaptations and Ecosystems

Learn about the world’s varied, natural environments and how climate affects the landscape and, in turn, how wildlife is adapted with special features to help them thrive in different ecosystems. This program for 3rd-5th grades includes “Bluebonnet Time,” “How Many Spots Has an Ocelot Got?” “The Chimichanga Song” and more.

Length, audience size, etc.

  • Length: normally 45-50 minutes, but may be adjusted for particular ages
  • Recommended group size: <200 for pre-K to 1st grade, up to 200-400 for grades 2-6
  • Recommended ages: K-6
  • IMPORTANT: There are different programs for the different grades so mixing pre-K or K with 4th and 5th is discouraged
  • No. of shows:  normally 4 shows for a full-day and 2 shows for a half -day but Lucas is committed to making the date work for you and additional (but shortened) shows can be arranged.
  • Location: Performing arts centers/theaters are ideal but libraries, cafetoriums, and gyms are all wonderful venues too.
  • Tech needs: Nothing but an electrical outlet! Lucas provides his own mics, PA, projector and screen
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