Your audience will adore the "singing zoologist!"

Program topics:

Totally JAW-some!

Think you know a lot about sharks? This “deep dive” into ocean ecology will get you singing with sharks, boogying with plankton, and flaunting your aquatic IQ in the Great Ocean Trivia Tournament! Covering ocean food chains, photosynthesis, adaptations, interdependence and other middle- and upper-elementary science concepts, this program is recommended for grades 3-5. 

Growing Up Wild

Perfect for 1st-3rd grades, this program focuses on life cycles of plants and animals.  Monarch butterflies are the central topic, with dazzling clips revealing every stage of their growth and migration. Others songs cover the metamorphosis of frogs, pollination by honeybees, fruit bats and more.

Let's Do Lunch

Great for mixed ages, this program focuses on the adaptations that help predators find and catch prey and that allow prey to protect themselves. Featuring “Fifi the Ferocious,” “Anaconda La Bamba,” I’m a Cheetah,” “I’m a Mako Shark,” and more. 

Animals Rock!

Pre-K and K audiences will learn a bunch about animals, but Lucas focuses a little more on interaction and fun, and a little less on science content with these younger guys. His hilarious puppet play Fifi the Ferocious teaches about animal defenses and his monarch butterfly song and “How Many Spots Has an Ocelot Got?” also figure prominently.  

Use Your Adaptations!

What makes cheetahs so fast? Why do jackrabbits have ginormous ears? What kind of beak can pry open a clamshell?? We’ll answer these questions and more in this program about adaptations, the special features that help animals move in different ways, survive in different places, eat different things, and make sure they don’t get eaten.

This was created for grades 3-5 but can easily be adapted for younger audiences and public events.

I Love Earth

Celebrate animals, nature, and the people protecting them in this eco-concert perfect for Earth Day. With songs about the endangered ocelot, the importance wetlands, Rachel Carson and the return of the bald eagle, this program will get your audience feeling energized, hopeful and inspired to take action!

A Holly-Jolly Biology

Celebrate the season with quirky, scientific rewrites of holiday classics like “Randolph the Deep-Sea Anglerfish,” “O Cephalopod,” “Single-Cell Rock,” I Eat Blobby Frogs,” (set to the tune of Feliz Navidad), and more. You’ll learn more about the twinkling of lights in the deep sea, how animals survive the winter, and why an octopus makes the perfect holiday guest! 

Live appearances

In-person events

The singing zoologist blends music, puppets, and projected videos to keep audiences laughing, moving, singing and learning. His high-energy personality and hilarious songs make him a hit with audiences at theaters, nature festivals, schools, libraries, and more!

Check out the FAQs below and then click the button below to inquire about a program at your venue!

Live Streams

Lucas complements his programs with tons of video, so when COVID shut down in-person programs, he was uniquely positioned to present top-notch live streams. When budgets or other factors prevent an in-person performance, a live stream is still a great option!

Science Pop-ups

Imagine a hands-on, traveling science exhibit that comes to you! Lucas can bring microscopes, live insects, craft activities, VR goggles and more. And in case you were wondering, yes, he still performs sing songs throughout the day. Lucas has developed experiences focused on monarch butterflies, birds, and wetlands and he is eager to create more experiences just for your event!


The things you're wondering...

Wherever planes go. And Lucas is open to space travel too. 

When driving from his home in Austin, Lucas typically brings a projector, screen, PA, wireless microphone, laptop and everything else he needs, so you really don’t need to provide anything besides electricity and children (just keep those separate!). 

If Lucas is flying, we’ll discuss what you have and what he can bring. It’s quite important to have equipment that functions well, so please reach out early so we can get these ducks in a row. 

Lucas can present up to four 45-minutes programs in a day. Other options are possible but need to be discussed and confirmed in advance

Lucas is comfortable with all ages of elementary. He also does pre-K programs but toddlers are really too young. 

The programs are usually BEST received by 1st-4th grades but Lucas loves K and 5th too. 

In a school environment, Pre-K through 1st do best in groups of 175 or fewer. Mid- and upper-elementary are fine up to about 275. 

In theaters and auditoriums, you can often have larger groups and, as long as everyone can see and hear, groups of 500+ are fine. 

Cafetoriums, gyms, and commons areas are all fine but the library is usually the best if there’s space for your audience.

If there’s a lot of natural sunlight streaming in, the videos become hard to see so factor that into your decision

Length, audience size, etc.

  • Length: normally 45-50 minutes, but may be adjusted for particular ages
  • Recommended group size: <200 for pre-K to 1st grade, up to 200-400 for grades 2-6
  • Recommended ages: K-6
  • IMPORTANT: There are different programs for the different grades so mixing pre-K or K with 4th and 5th is discouraged
  • No. of shows:  normally 4 shows for a full-day and 2 shows for a half -day but Lucas is committed to making the date work for you and additional (but shortened) shows can be arranged.
  • Location: Performing arts centers/theaters are ideal but libraries, cafetoriums, and gyms are all wonderful venues too.
  • Tech needs: Nothing but an electrical outlet! Lucas provides his own mics, PA, projector and screen
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