The Singing Zoologist is the perfect choice for your 2021 “Tails and Tales” Summer Reading Program!

With songs about cheetahs, sharks, tadpoles, and bug-filled chimichangas, Lucas’ multimedia show delights kids and parents alike. Shows are 40- to 45-minutes and best suited to ages 5 and up.

Whether you are looking for an in-person, pre-recorded, or live-streamed performance, Lucas has you covered. And if you should need to change from an in-person event to something online, just say the word and Lucas will drop any travel charges associated with your fee.

Summer/Public Library rates:

  • $475 for a single show*
  • $750 for two shows (both must be before lunch or after lunch)
  • $1200 for a full-day (up to three shows)
  • Mileage: The first 75 round-trip miles from Lucas’ home in southwest Austin are included, additional miles are $0.50/mile.
  • Lodging: may be required for groups more than 100 miles from Austin.
  • Meals: not required
  • These rates valid only for performances between May 31, 2021, and August 31, 2021

*Minimum of two shows for groups more than 100 miles from Austin. These can both be at your location or you can coordinate with another nearby library.

Ways to save money:

Additional discounts are available when a group of libraries coordinates a series of dates together.  Contact Christine Cox to find out more at (443) 570-7399 or

Non-profit organizations can apply for grants that cover up to 50% of Lucas’ total fee from the Texas Commission on the Arts. Click here to learn more!

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