Performance fee:

NOTE:  There is no minimum items you must sell when you choose a price plan WITH merchandise sales.  Find out more here

Programs are normally 45-50 minutes but can be lengthened or shortened to meet your needs.

Lucas offers VERY attractive pricing on evening family events after your school day programs!  Contact him for details.


Additional discounts are available when a group of schools coordinate a series of dates together.  Contact Lucas to find out more


  • Lodging can be paid by Lucas or by your organization directly.

  • Mid-level accommodations are fine (Holiday Inn Express and La Quinta know Lucas well).

  • Lodging expenses can SOMETIMES be avoided on the first day of a multi-date tour (depending on time of the first show and distance from Austin).

  • If Lucas’ drive home is over 5-6 hours, lodging for the night before AND after may be required.


  • Lucas logs about 20-25,000 business miles per year (350-500 hours!) so he strives to use those trips as efficiently as possible. If you are more than ~200 miles from his home in Austin, he may require 3-5 consecutive dates be scheduled.
  • For a MAXIMUM mileage charge, Lucas will use Google Maps to plan his route and charge $40/hour estimated, round-trip driving time (no, you won’t pay more if he gets stuck in a traffic jam).

  •  Mileage is dropped or reduced when Lucas has 3-5 consecutive dates in an area.

  • Groups more than 300 miles from Austin may require air travel

Other expenses:

  • Reimbursement for meals is not required (but lunch is greatly appreciated!)

  • When airfare is required, there may be additional luggage charges for his A/V equipment.

  • A rental car may also be required when Lucas has to fly to your locality

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