Live Streams from Lucas Miller!

I am very excited to be offering LIVE STREAMS this school year! My programs really lend themselves to this format and I adapted my studio so that I can produce reliable feeds with pro-level audio and video!

I’m presenting a series of 15-minute shows I call “Bite-Size Science.” In each episode, I’ll teach a particular science concept and perform a song that reinforces it. This has proven to be a better length for elementary audiences and allows me to teach the science concept in better detail.

You can purchase one stream, a few, or the whole series. Q&A sessions with Lucas are available to those who purchase the complete series. For pricing and other questions, please contact Christine Cox of C Squared Entertainment.

Here’s this fall’s schedule of episodes (exact dates to be determined):

Ep. 1: The Chimichanga Song (basic needs of animals)

Ep. 2: How Many Spots Has an Ocelot Got? (Habitats)

Ep. 3: The Monarch Butterfly Song (Life cycles and migration)

Ep. 4: Can You See the Connection (bats and interdependence)

Ep. 5: Anaconda La Bamba! (Fact/Fiction, evaluating sources)

Ep 6: I’m a Cheetah (Adaptations for moving)

Ep. 7: The Right Beak (Adaptations for eating)

Ep. 8: A Day in the Desert (Adaptations to ecosystems)

Ep. 9: Winter Bummerland (Adaptations to survive winter)