Live Streams from Lucas Miller!

I am very excited to be offering ONLINE presentations this school year! My programs really lend themselves to this format and I adapted my studio so that I can produce reliable feeds with pro-level audio and video!

I can certainly do the 45-minute programs everyone is used to but I encourage you to look at my ongoing series of 15-minute called “Bite-Size Science.” Each episode features one of my songs, along with a lively discussion of the science related to the song. This reduces the screen time, spreads out the fun across the semester and allows me to teach the science concept in better detail.

You can purchase one episode, a few, or the whole series. Q&A sessions with Lucas are available to those who purchase the complete series. For pricing and other questions, please contact Christine Cox of C Squared Entertainment.

Here’s what in store in the spring 2021 semster:

Ep. 10: Who’s in That Egg? (living vs. nonliving things, offspring, and adaptations of eggs)

Ep. 11: Metamorphosis (life cycles of frogs and insects, differences/similarities to parents)

Ep. 12: Prairie Chicken Boogie (life cycles, offspring, “Valentine’s”)

Ep. 13: Bluebonnet Time (pollination, parts of a plant, life cycle of plants, offspring)

Ep. 14: All About the Hive (Pollination, insect life cycles, adaptations of plants)

Ep. 15: Living in a Wetland (ecosystems vs. habitats, interdependence between species, flow of energy through a food web)

Ep. 16: I’m a Mako Shark (flow of energy through a food web, interdependence, adaptations)

Ep. 17: I Love Earth (renewable vs. nonrenewable resources, making wise choices)

Ep. 18: We Can Bring Them Back (what scientists do, endangered species, impact of human actions on the environment)

Ep. 19: Hideaway Place (benefits of spending time in nature, importance of natural spaces)

This fall’s episodes included:

Ep. 1: The Chimichanga Song (basic needs of animals)

Ep. 2: How Many Spots Has an Ocelot Got? (Habitats)

Ep. 3: The Monarch Butterfly Song (Life cycles and migration)

Ep. 4: Can You See the Connection (bats and interdependence)

Ep. 5: Anaconda La Bamba! (Fact/Fiction, evaluating sources)

Ep 6: I’m a Cheetah (Adaptations for moving)

Ep. 7: The Right Beak (Adaptations for eating)

Ep. 8: A Day in the Desert (Adaptations to ecosystems)

Ep. 9: Winter Bummerland (Adaptations to survive winter)