My big secret

While I’m known for packing my author visits full of science content, let me tell you a little story that illuminates what really keeps me motivated after 22+ years of zoological singing.

This summer, my wife took our lab to the vet. The vet tech saw my name on our dog’s file and excitedly explained that my appearance at her school over 10 years ago had, in part, inspired her to work with animals. Her next step is vet school at A & M!

When I quit my day job back in 1994, I dreamed of having this kind of impact and I’m now hearing from more and more young adults who are, in some small way, crediting me with helping them find paths in careers with science and animals.

My “big secret” is that it’s been inspiration over information since Day One. Yes, I incorporate a gazillion TEKS into my programs and that may be my selling point as far as your principal is concerned, but I’m really aiming to teach lessons that STAAR doesn’t even attempt to measure.

If you’re looking for an author visit that truly has a profound effect on your students, please consider inviting me to your school. Whatever your budget, however crowded your calendar, I am committed to inspiring your students to create the lives of their dreams.

Good dates remain in the fall and spring but things are filling quickly so, please, check out this here website and let’s arrange a time to inspire and enlighten your kids!


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