Getting CREATIVE in the pandemic

After nearly three years, I am positively delighted to again be a full-time singing zoologist! For most of the pandemic, I split my time working on videos (SO proud of Bite-Size Science) and teaching at Skybridge Academy, an alternative school my wife and I started in 2011. Both endeavors pushed my creativity like never before. 

At the school, I worked with students from age 6 to 18, and I witnessed how incorporating their talents and ingenuity got them engaged with learning in an entirely different way. My students crafted prehistoric creatures for an earth timeline, baked a model “brain cake,”  and designed some truly amazing “crustacean creations.” Others wrote and recorded songs, made sushi, planted gardens, photographed birds, made carrot flutes, and more. Again and again, I witnessed students enlivened and even transformed by blending education with the arts.

On the “singing zoologist” side of things, I raised & filmed monarchs and FINALLY got to witness overwintering monarchs in the mountains of Mexico. I made a construction paper Serengeti, complete with a handsome paper bag cheetah. I animated a bluebonnet, made a commercial for the sun, and, yes, wrote new songs!

All this has honed my teaching skills and left me reinvigorated. I am super excited about Bite-Size Science and the opportunities it provides for kids everywhere to connect with science through the arts. And I cannot wait to work with thousands of smiling, singing, laughing kids again in my live shows! I hope to see you sometime soon! 

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