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  • CD: I Love Earth–the best of the “singing zoologist”


    21 of Lucas’ biggest hits from his first three CDs, incl. “The Chimichanga Song,” “Metamorphosis,” “I’m a Mako Shark,” “Living In a Wetland,” the monarch butterfly song, and many more.

  • CD: The Anaconda La Bamba


    This collection of songs touches on a number of endangered species issues with an emphasis on what people are doing to protect them. While “Livin’ In a Wetland” and “Send Them Back Home to Brazil (The Fire Ant Song),” are hugely popular, the title track is still Lucas’ calling card.

    Two of San Antonio’s finest producers arranged the songs in a variety of styles including Tejano, rap, surf-rock, funk, and all-out rock ‘n’ roll!

    Especially recommended for ages 7-11; includes lyric booklet and features “karaoke” tracks of most songs so kids and educators can sing the songs themselves.

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