CD: I Love Earth–the best of the “singing zoologist”


21 of Lucas’ biggest hits from his first three CDs, incl. “The Chimichanga Song,” “Metamorphosis,” “I’m a Mako Shark,” “Living In a Wetland,” the monarch butterfly song, and many more.

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Winner of a Parents’ Choice Silver award, this disc has 21 songs and clocks in at nearly 78 minutes! This collection features Lucas’ best tunes from his first three CDs plus five new tunes produced by children’s music luminary Joe McDermott! Your whole family’s going to love this one from top to bottom!

Download the lyric booklet here

Track listing:

  1. I Love Earth
  2. I’m a Mako Shark
  3. The Chimichanga Song
  4. The Anaconda La Bamba
  5. Slimy
  6. Bluebonnet Time
  7. The Prairie Chicken Boogie
  8. Who’s in That Egg?
  9. Goin’ Down to Mexico (The Monarch Butterfly Song)
  10. Metamorphosis (Tadpole into a Frog)
  11. It’s All About the Hive
  12. Animals Rock
  13. Stinkle, Stinkle Little Skunky
  14. I Won’t
  15. Living In a Wetland
  16. A Tail is a Wonderful Thing
  17. Send Them Back Home to Brazil (Fire Ant Song)
  18. A Deer In My Cadillac
  19. We Can Bring Them Back
  20. Can You See the Connection?
  21. Living In Symbiosis
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