Multimedia science programs on stage and online!

Learn about wetlands, monarch butterflies, food chains, photosynthesis, and much more with Lucas Miller’s dynamic, multimedia live streams and in-person programs!

Program topics:

Logistics and other details:

  • Length: normally 45-50 minutes, but may be adjusted for particular ages
  • Recommended group size: <200 for pre-K to 1st grade, up to 200-400 for grades 2-6
  • Recommended ages: K-6
  • IMPORTANT: There are different programs for the different grades so mixing pre-K or K with 4th and 5th is discouraged
  • No. of shows:  normally 4 shows for a full-day and 2 shows for a half -day but Lucas is committed to making the date work for you and additional (but shortened) shows can be arranged.
  • Location: Performing arts centers/theaters are ideal but libraries, cafetoriums, and gyms are all wonderful venues too.
  • Tech needs: Nothing but an electrical outlet! Lucas provides his own mics, PA, projector and screen
  • More details on Lucas’ FAQ page