Thanks, Target, for getting me to El Paso elementary schools!

Thanks to Target and the Texas Commission on the Arts, I just and  got back from a brief but lovely trip to El Paso, Texas. Now I can honestly say I have crisscrossed the entire state of Texas!

Lucas Miller visits Pasodale Elementary thanks to Target
Great kids at Pasodale Elementary!

Through their generous Community Giving & Service program, Target sends top-notch artists to off-the-path areas so students can enjoy a rare opportunity to attend live performances. The TCA newsletter listed a total of seven artists out there this fall in various parts of our fair state. Oh, and did I mention that there were a bunch of other artists visiting libraries this summer, too? We’re talking tens of thousands of dollars, folks!

Over the years, Target has sent me to the Rio Grande Valley, Odessa/Midland, Lubbock and deep into the Texas Hill Country. I’ve had some interest from El Paso schools in the past but the travel charges (it’s 550+ miles from my house) have made a tour cost-prohibitive so Target truly made it possible. I had a ton of fun with well over 2000 students in Ysleta ISD elementary schools.

And it must be said that this does a lot to support independent artists too. As you might guess, making a living at this is not always the easiest; Target’s patronage of the arts has made a big difference for me personally and I just wanted to thank them publicly for their generosity.

Can we say, "Mmmm?" Can we say, "Siesta in your future?"
Can we say, “Mmmm?” (Can we say, “Siesta in your very near  future?”)

Oh, and it also gives me opportunity to sample local fare such as the Mexican plate at La Malinche!

So remember folks, when you SHOP AT TARGET, you’re supporting a company with amazing values and integrity. I know they’re my first stop for all the various sundries and supplies required for daily life.

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