Ways to save some serious dough

Would you pay $1000 for a TV if you could get it for $400 with a little extra effort/forethought? If your answer is “Duh!” I have some ideas to help you bring me to your school for a fraction of the prices posted on my site. Savvy shoppers, listen up!

  1. Schedule your event early in the school year. I offer $200 off full-days in September and $100 off in October. Too early for you? Contact me and see if there’s a month that’s slow and I can do something special for you.
  2. Coordinate book/CD sales: It’s $200-250 cheaper if you’re willing to print up some order forms and send them home with your students. What if you don’t sell anything? No problem, I just appreciate the publicity. More details are here.
  3. Apply for a TCA grant: If you’re a Texas school or nonprofit, the Texas Commission on the Arts has grants that typically cover 40-50% of my total fee (yes, including and travel surcharges). How hard is it? It’s typically about 90 minutes of work. How long does it take to make $500 in a book fair? More details here.
  4. Share a date with another school: A full-day is usually four shows. You can share a date with another school and get two each. I just recommend you have groups smaller than 250-300 with grades 3-5 and under 175 when kindergarten will be in attendance. The half-day price is slightly more than 50% of the full-day price because of the extra set up and travel time involved.t-shirt picture
  5. Coordinate a series of dates: Have a sister school or part of a bigger district? Put the word out to ’em and I can typically save you about $100/day, maybe more.
  6. Book for NEXT school year: In the months of April and May, I start promoting for the next year and I offer $100 off a full-day for any month in the next school year. And, yes, you can combine that with those aforementioned discounts in September and October!
  7. Get creative! To help fund author visits, Angleton ISD creates and sells a t-shirt that they sell to the students. This handsome family is wearing the Lucas Miller edition which he even designed for them. The audiences were a sea of light blue and, with TCA grants, the schools had a very small out-of-pocket cost!

If you combine two or more of these ideas, you can easily save 60-70%. And if you’ve got your own ideas, who knows, you might MAKE money off the event!

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